IT Systems Administrator

Big Win: A servant leader responsible for installing, maintaining, and enhancing Liquid’s IT infrastructure to facilitate the goals of Liquid Church.

The IT Systems Administrator serves under the IT Director on the Ground War Team.  A full time position, the schedule is Sunday-Thursday for a total of 40 hours/week.  This position is classified as exempt under the FLSA.


Provision, Install, Monitor, and Manage

  • Systems Infrastructure – including servers, data storage, switches, firewalls, structured cabling, wireless access, etc.
  • Software Systems – including productivity, web, security, data analysis, relationship management, creative, etc.
  • Employee / Public Facing Systems – including workstations, laptops, kiosks, printers, copiers, etc.
  • Telecommunication Systems – including POTS and VoIP based services, PBX functionality including auto attendant and voicemail.

Provide Technical Support For

  • Building Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection (Burglar)
  • CCTV


  • Responsible for securing the IT systems of Liquid Church to ensure that Liquid can accomplish its goals without interruptions due to security vulnerabilities and that congregant data entrusted to Liquid is handled and stored in a responsible manner.

Backups / DR

  • Responsible for ensuring that backups cover appropriate files, that they are occurring at appropriate times, and that failover in case of a DR scenario is ready.


  • Will create and maintain systematic, readable documentation on Liquid’s IT systems.


  • Education – Bachelors in Information Technology, Computer Science, related field, or commensurate experience.
  • Experience – 2+ years managing significant IT systems.
  • Knowledge – Robust understanding of diverse IT fields including server and network systems, telecommunications, multi-location networks, and security.
  • Organization – Able to organize detailed information; able to stay cool under pressure
  • Project Management – Ability to see multiple project through to completion and manage multiple tasks at once
  • Innovative Spirit – Learns quickly and can adapt to changing technology and techniques
  • Communication – Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Relational ability – Works well with Staff and volunteers of varying personality types
  • Leadership – Ability to lead under pressure with an optimistic attitude
  • Dependable – Trustworthy & reliable; willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done

Preferred experience in:

  • Desktop OS: Windows, Mac OS X, MacOS, Chrome OS.
  • Server OS: Windows Server (2012, 2016), Ubuntu Linux.
  • Application Servers: IIS, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, MSSQL, MongoDB
  • Applications: Church Community Builder (CCB), WordPress, Microsoft 365, G Suite, ProPresenter.
  • Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PowerShell, Git.



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