At Liquid, we think the greatest story ever told deserves the most dynamic communication we can imagine. That’s why we have a dedicated team of creatives working behind the scenes to craft compelling visual and written materials, as well as engaging experiences.

This team offers both midweek and weekend opportunities to serve using your unique creative gifts. Browse the opportunities below and let us know if you’re interested in helping Liquid continue its mission to create killer content!

Photography: We’re always searching for skilled photographers (with their own gear) to help us document the life of our church. From Sundays to special events, you can showcase what God is doing at Liquid Church! We leverage these images across our social media channels, in sermons, online, and in print materials.

Videography: If you know how to tell a compelling story through video – capturing the energy of a special event or the emotion of a personal testimony – working alongside our team of professional videographers (with your own gear) may be your next step!

Graphic Design: A vital part of the Liquid culture is engaging our guests visually, and for that we rely on graphic designers. From sermon slides to social media, printed materials, and our physical spaces, our graphic design team helps make each Liquid experience memorable. If you have the skills, we’d love to see your portfolio!

Creative Writing: Creative writing can leave a reader feeling convicted or vulnerable. It can evoke tears of laughter and joy, and we know the most powerful writing is often the most personal. If you have a gift for putting pen to paper and a heart to draw people closer to Jesus, our writing team might be where God is calling you to serve.

If you’re interested in joining one of our Creative Teams, use the buttons below to fill out our application and a team leader will be in touch.