Live Prayer Event

We invite you to bring your kiddos to our Liquid Live Services!

While there won’t be any Liquid Family programming at our event, we believe this will be an enjoyable experience for the entire family! Here are some ideas to set you up for success:

  1. Don’t stress if your kids are making a little bit of noise or moving around. It’s outside and our speakers will win.
  2. Bring seating for your kids. Either blankets or chairs to help them feel comfortable. Marking your family’s area will also help them maintain social distancing.
  3. Encourage your kids to participate in worship. Dance with them, jump, and raise your hands. For extra points, tape some streamers to an empty paper towel roll or ruler, and bring it so they can dance with those!
  4. Bring a tablet or smartphone and headphones so kids can watch their own service while Pastor Tim is preaching 🙂 Find our lessons online at
  5. Bring activities for the kids: crayons and coloring books, matchbox cars, books, and bubbles.
  6. Play “I Spy.” Give kids a list of things to look for and cross off the list. For non-readers, provide pictures of items to find.
  7. Consider the weather. Bring items to keep kids warm or cool (depending on the forecast), so they are comfortable and you are relaxed!
  8. This isn’t a bribe for good behavior, we promise… but there’s no reason you couldn’t go out for ice cream after church! Turn this into an extra special Sunday with a sweet treat to cap off the morning!