Happy 2 Months Monmouth County!

You know the trend…joyful parents celebrating their baby’s milestones every month of that precious first year. That’s because a child’s growth is extraordinary in the first 12 months of life and everything is “a first.” First smile, first solid foods, first steps!

Well, we are taking the same approach with OUR brand-new baby at Liquid Church – our 7th campus in Monmouth County! Our first Jersey Shore Campus is now 2 months old and so far our milestones include launching on Groups Sunday and kicking off our first Monmouth County Small Groups, growing our Dream Teams at an amazing Expo, plus Church is Fun moments like tossing out Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in service, and participating in our first all church outreach, Run For Rwanda! Not to mention, welcoming tons of new friends to church – it’s been a blessing to worship with our “new here” guests. All that to say… it has been a busy couple of months! 

As we mark this milestone – we want to do more than celebrate – we want to invite ALL our campuses across New Jersey to continue to support Monmouth County in this Grand Opening Season. This is a crucial time of growth for our brand-new baby… and it’s the BEST time to tell any family, friends, and coworkers you know in the region to join us at Monmouth County. Keep that in mind as you reach out to your thirsty friends who need to know the love of Jesus.

And if your friends want to understand what to expect at Liquid Church…we’ve made it easy for you. Just send them to ChurchIsFun.com and they’ll quickly grasp the heart of Liquid!  We’ll see you down the Jersey Shore!