Happy 3 Months Monmouth County!

With a 3-month-old baby at home, joyful (and tired) new parents might be celebrating the fact that their precious baby is smiling at them or that their little bundle discovered its toes or maybe their child is finally sleeping through the night! Well, our “baby” here at Liquid Church is certainly celebrating some different milestones, but they’re just as exciting. First Vision Sunday! First Christmas Outreach! First Christmas Eve on the horizon! 

As we mark these milestones – we want to do more than celebrate – we want to invite everyone we know to come for a visit! Christmas Eve at Liquid Church provides the perfect opportunity to extend an invitation to church. It’s a family-friendly experience featuring your favorite Christmas songs, family photos, a candle lighting, and an inspiring message that highlights that wondrous moment when God entered our world to make things right.

If the idea of inviting someone to church makes you a bit nervous – just remember that the PEACE & JOY of Christmas is a gift that’s meant to be shared! How exciting it will be if they say “yes” and it’s okay if they say “no” – because you’ve planted a seed that Jesus can use to reach them, if not today… then maybe in 2020!

So, Happy Birthday Monmouth County. 3 months looks good on you and we can’t wait to see what amazing milestones the New Year will bring!