Healing The Sick

As we continue our God of Miracles series, today we’re travelling to Capernaum: Jesus’ ministry headquarters where he performed many miracles Healing The Sick. In fact, Jesus actually performed more miracles in Capernaum than anywhere else as recorded in the Gospels. It’s in this place that Jesus’ ministry began blowing up… and Jesus quickly went from becoming Jesus the Teacher in the synagogues to Jesus the Healer.

One of Jesus’ miracles in Capernaum is chronicled in Mark 1:21-25, which shows us Jesus used his healing power to drive out demons. Let’s be honest, modern people often dismiss ancient accounts of demon possession, and it’s true that throughout history, mental illness has often been wrongly diagnosed as demon possession. However, during Jesus’ ministry on Earth, demons became very reactive to His holy presence!

We also see in Mark 1:29-31 that Jesus healed Peter the disciple’s mother-in-law from a fever, showing he had a heart to heal the sick and suffering. Like our modern views of demon possession, our minds today may question miraculous healing. Today, if someone has a fever, wouldn’t you give them aspirin? However, in the ancient world, fevers were thought to be the work of demons. To Jesus, it didn’t seem important to distinguish between casting out demons or healing mental illness. Ultimately, He was bringing deliverance and healing to people in pain.

When it comes to healing miracles throughout the Bible, Jesus shows us that he has absolute power. Do you have demons in your life today? Maybe you feel like you are controlled by drugs or alcohol or some other addiction. Maybe you struggle with suicidal thoughts or battle a spirit of depression. Whatever you may be facing today, never forget: There is POWER in the very NAME of JESUS! If you are a follower of Jesus, you have the Authority of Christ and his power in you…So use it!

See, here at Liquid, we believe in the power of both miracles and medicine. God can heal you through the gifted hands of doctors, nurses, therapists and counselors. Often, his healing hand is seen in our lives through the faith of our brothers and sisters who act as our “stretcher bearers” when we are sick. In fact, we all need friends who will come around us in moments of need and lift us up in faith-filled prayers to be healed by our Great Physician!

When you are sick or struggling, be assured: Jesus sees you. He cares. Our God is full of compassion. Jesus doesn’t just have the power to heal… He has a HEART to heal! So, I encourage you to flex the muscles of your spiritual authority over sickness – whether emotional, physical, or spiritual – and pray to our God, the Great Physician, for healing!