Homeless Church: How Does Sleeping Out Make A Difference?

We sure hope you’ll join us for our Homeless Church Event on May 4th… but maybe you’re “on the fence” and wondering If you choose to step away from modern comforts– a warm bed, home-cooked meals, and technology to sleep outside — how that act makes a difference. It DOES… and here’s HOW!

#1) You’re Building Awareness: Did you know that in 2018, New Jersey saw a 9% rise in homelessness? The problem is real and it’s in our backyard. We’re hoping you’ll not only participate in Homeless Church… but you’ll invite others to get involved! And, as you participate, you’ll talk about the outreach, share about it social media and as a result, neighbors, friends, and family members will understand the need to take action!

#2) You’re Raising Funds For New York City Relief: This amazing ministry partner is celebrating its 30th Anniversary of transforming lives by providing hope, resources, and individualized care to homeless friends living on the street. For each person who sleeps out overnight in our cardboard city, Liquid Church will make a $30 donation to New York City Relief. That $30 will provide some critical resources– 4 meals, 2 hygiene kits, and 1 metro card– to a brother or sister living on the streets.

Invite others to join you… and raise even more money for New York City Relief! See how building awareness and raising funds work hand-in-hand!

We also believe this experience could leave you forever changed, with a heart for the homeless that will have you continuing to serve in the months and years to come. Now – that would have an impact!

So go ahead… step outside your comfort zone and let’s see how God uses this experience to impact your heart and make a difference! Click here to learn more & register!