Homeless Church: Should My Children Participate?

Children and teens are invited to participate in the Homeless Church event… ultimately parents need to make the decision that is best for their family!

That said – we believe participation in this event could be an extraordinary opportunity for families… including children and teens. It has the potential to be life-shaping, to open up the eyes of the next generation to a new reality – there are those who don’t have what we have and they need our help. In fact, Jesus calls upon us to serve the poor and homeless!

If you have a heart for serving, this could be a great teaching moment for you! How wonderful to set the example that your family gets out of its seats and into the streets for an important cause.

It may be odd for your kids or teens to step away from technology, TV, and social media or to simply step away from the busy routines of life.  But this may also be refreshing for them…to do something a little radical with their family, friends, and neighbors.

If you’re up for it… please know that we’re committed to keeping you and your family safe! If parents wish for their children to take part in our event, they must first register their children and then print and sign a consent form to be turned in during the event check-in process on Saturday, May 4th. Click here to learn more and begin the registration process.