The Domino Effect Of Clean Water

Everything begins with water. It’s the foundation for all other levels of development. That means—for the millions of thirsty people throughout the developing world—safe water can ultimately transform…

HEALTH:  Waterborne diseases are illnesses caused by microscopic organisms, like viruses and bacteria, that are ingested through contaminated water. Clean water and safe sanitation and hygiene practices could actually eliminate these diseases. Clean water is life-saving!

EDUCATION: When children are sick from drinking dirty water, they don’t attend school. Or, when they do, it’s extremely hard for them to focus, limiting their potential. Disease along with the time-consuming chore of hauling dirty water for the family, cause absenteeism and early drop-out. Having safe water access improves health and keeps kids in school.

JUSTICE ISSUES: Globally, women and children spend 200 million hours each day collecting contaminated water. Too often the journey is not safe. Trails can be steep and rocky or muddy and slippery. And when women walk alone, they are often vulnerable to sexual assault. Women and their children suffer most without water, but they’re also poised to make the biggest changes in their communities once they gain safe-water access.

LIVELIHOODS: Safe water removes the single heaviest burden from the lives of the poorest people in our world. Not having to deal with this daily crisis means time for school, work, life, and health—and allows individuals and communities to plan for tomorrow. 

Access to safe, clean, drinking water has the power to transform entire communities. The impact is exponential! 

YOUR NEXT STEP: To support the Clean Water Cause, your next step is simple – join the Run For Rwanda to raise awareness and funds for families in Africa! Let’s lace up to bring clean water to Rwanda!