Liquid Parents Devotional – Day 17

Tuesday, June 23

Papá, papá, papá!!!!” Our 9 year old son with Down Syndrome stuck his head out of his window and waved to my husband as he called him by the only name he’s ever known him as: “Daddy!” My husband and I were outside in our yard, (we’ve become pseudo-gardeners in this pandemic), and as I resumed my attempt to revive my hostas, (also known as deer salad), I felt my husband turning to me when he said, “Could there be a more beautiful sound in the world than to hear my son call me ‘papá?’”

Our son’s special needs means that we treasure every new word or sound he makes in his attempt to communicate with us. We love his attempts and over time we’ve learned how to “speak Andy” as fluently as we possibly can, making every effort to understand him and treasure every new opportunity we get to interact with him through words.  

I chuckled at my husband’s remarks and resumed my work. I knew exactly how he felt. On that Saturday afternoon, as our son was calling out for the attention of his daddy, my heart filled with love and affection for his little boy voice. I relish any opportunity I get to hear his voice and watch him speak. 

As I bent down to weed, I felt a breeze on my forehead and heard whispers of the Spirit saying to me, “Call My name too….My heart turns towards you too when you call out to Me! That intense desire that you feel to communicate with your son, to listen to his voice, and to spend time with him is the same intense desire I have to speak and spend time with you today.”

I think at times we imagine God gets too busy with so many believers worldwide trying to interact with Him that He forgets about us. But, let’s be real parents. When was the last time you ignored your kid when he called you by your name? (Notice the question wasn’t when was the last time you wanted to ignore your kid! 🙂 Our name is like a dog-whistle that we can’t ignore.  It’s instinctive….our children call out to us and we respond.

How much more personal is it to God when we call Him by name? In fact, that’s what Scripture commands us to do in Romans 8:15“the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, ‘Abba, Father!’” For all His power and glory, God is best understood as a loving and intimate Father, one who tenderly awaits the opportunity to speak with you as often as He can. 

Can I invite you to take some time now, maybe even stick your head out of a window, and cry out “Abba!”? I promise God will not only answer, He’ll run to meet with you. He loves us that much.

Written by:

Kayra Montanez, Morris County Campus Pastor

Originally from Puerto Rico, Kayra relocated to New Jersey in 2012 with her husband Jose and their two kids in order to secure the best care possible for her son, Andy, who has Down syndrome. Seeing Liquid’s passion to serve those with Special Needs, Kayra and her husband Jose decided to make Liquid their church home. Kayra serves as the Campus Pastor at Liquid’s largest location.

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