Liquid Parents Devotional – Day 22

Tuesday, June 30

“This is all for you”.  This is what I whisper in my son’s ear every 4th of July as we watch the fireworks.  His face always lights up with a smile as bright as the lights in the sky. 

My oldest son, Isaac, was born on the 4th of July. I feel like God blessed us with a ready-made birthday party each year at any local park. Just bring cake and we are good. 

Up until the age of five, he believed my persuasion of the meaning behind the fireworks.  But even now that he knows the true meaning of the holiday and the fireworks, he still lights up when I tell them they are for him. I believe it’s because he’s old enough to feel the heart behind my statement.  

I believe he now knows that I wish I could light up the sky for him every year on his birthday. How I would make a big spectacle and lavish my love over him for all to see. This is what still makes his face light up. The thought of him knowing that I would create this spectacle for him if I could brings me joy. 

As parents, we get joy at those moments when we recognize that our kids are enjoying our love for them. Experiencing this as a parent gives us the best perspective in understanding God’s heart for us. 

In Matthew 17  we see Jesus beaming with light, enjoying a very public display of love that Father God lavishes on him. Verse 5 says “… A bright cloud covered them, and a voice from the sky says “This is my Son, who I love and I am well pleased”. 

This was a very public declaration of love. A spectacle like fireworks for all to see. This moment validated Jesus and brought pleasure to Father God. 

Likewise, with us, our Father’s heart is filled with joy in those moments when we recognize the lavishing, elaborate, over the top type of love God has shown us through Jesus Christ. He gets joy when we understand that He desires to put it on public display for all to see. His face lights up when we know that blessing us is not a chore to Him, but that He actually loves to bless us. 

Whenever you are feeling out of sorts, think of how much you would do for your child. Think about how you would pull out all the stops and sacrifice everything. Think about how you would light up the sky for the world to know how much you love them. And then know that’s what God has already done for you, and smile. 

The Father’s love is lavished on us in a way that is spectacular. Today, think about this love and know He’s saying the same words I say to my son, “This is all for you”. 

Written by:

Jonathan Wilson, Youth Pastor

Jonathan has developed a strong passion to see high school and college students rise above the many negative influences in their world as they walk into the power of a relationship with Jesus. In his downtime, he loves nothing more than spending lazy Saturdays watching movies at home with his two sons Isaac and Shilo and beautiful wife, Angela.

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