Liquid Parents Devotional – Proverbs 30

Thursday, July 23

Read Proverbs 30

“I am weary God, but I can prevail” Proverbs 30:1  He had me at “weary”. Like Agur, the author of Proverbs 30, I hit a wall. 

Since lockdown began, I have been focused on gratitude. While many around me have suffered loss, I have experienced good health and truly lacked for nothing. Out of gratitude, my response was to keep pushing forward, keep using my health and resources to serve others.

While I haven’t directly suffered loss during this time, emotionally the past few months have taken a toll that is finally reaching the surface. Without a moment to catch my breath, I find myself in the same place as Agur saying God, I don’t have the wisdom to solve these problems. 

“But I can prevail”… because of Jesus I’ve got what it takes to prevail, but it’s going to require me to stay connected to Jesus, not only to be a lifeline to others but as a source for my weary soul. 

I need to sit with Him and allow Him to wipe my tears as I process all of the grief and separation the last few months have brought. I need to tell Him how tired I am and how the enemy has tried to get me to quit. I need to be honest about the times I may have chosen tasks over the invitation to rest or play.

“Every word of God is flawless, he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”  Proverbs 30:5

God’s words are true and He can be trusted, but it will require my surrender. I have to actively participate by putting down my shield long enough to take refuge under His. 

As I watch my own driven children, I see the importance of modeling what it looks like to rest in Jesus. If they see a mom who is constantly on the go without time to rest it’s possible they’ll believe that’s what it requires to follow Jesus. I don’t want my children to run themselves into exhaustion trying to live a “life of meaning” but even more so I don’t want them to walk away from following Jesus because they can’t keep up with false expectations.

I’m slowly learning that God wants me to live a life of meaning, not exhaustion. He wants to give rest to my weary soul if I’ll just let Him. Today, my actions need to model what I believe. I may need to leave the emails behind and take a long walk or lay on the trampoline stargazing with my kids. I need to allow my weary soul to pause long enough to see that God is beckoning me to linger in the awesome wonder of all that He is. A life of meaning is found in Him alone. 

What do you need to leave behind today to say yes to Jesus’ invitation to a life of meaning over exhaustion?

Written by:

Deby Fabrazzo, Youth Director

Deby oversees our High School and College ministries. She loves creating environments and opportunities for students to meet Jesus and experience His grace in their everyday lives. It’s especially personal to Deby who is a mom to three teenage daughters. She has been married to her high school sweetheart Mark for 21 years.