Liquid Parents Devotional – Proverbs 8

Thursday, July 30

Read Proverbs 8

“Are we there yet?” If you ever took a drive with your family anywhere, whether to a weekend vacation spot or to McDonald’s, no doubt you have heard these words or even have said them yourself. 

Whether in an uncomfortably crowded minivan or just on the road of life, these universal words are spoken so often because no matter where we are going, it seems we can’t wait to get there. 

As we have been pressing through this new normal, the “are we there yet” phrase seems to have been on repeat in my subconscious. Even after I have slowly accepted that this new way of working, parenting, and living may not be going away soon, I’m still secretly desiring to get to the end of this.  We don’t feel comfortable being in flux, so we are all like our children in the back seat asking, “Are we there yet”? 

Even as Christ-followers, many of us may have identified that God has a purpose for us during this time. We believe and hope that all we have been through in these last few months is leading to some desired end.  

What I’m beginning to learn is that God’s purpose in all of this is not a place or a destination that we will arrive at. Rather, God’s purpose is happening right now, in each crowded, uncomfortable moment. What we see as the process to reach our desired destination, is actually the place God desires to give us His wisdom. 

God’s wisdom is the greatest tool to navigate through the most challenging moments in life, but it is gained in the most challenging points in life. 

The Bible teaches that God’s wisdom is the most desirable asset to achieve. Proverbs 8:11 says ”for Wisdom is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire can compare to her.”

What are we desiring in this moment? A little breathing room from the kids? For the world to return to normal? For all of this to end? Be encouraged by understanding that God’s purpose for us is happening right now – when we stop focusing on where we desire to be and learn to hear His voice in the moment. 

God’s purpose is happening right now. There is much strength, peace, and wisdom to be gained. This is where God desires us to be. Understanding this, we can answer that eternal question, “ Are we there yet?”


Written by:

Jonathan Wilson, Youth Pastor

Jonathan has developed a strong passion to see high school and college students rise above the many negative influences in their world as they walk into the power of a relationship with Jesus. In his downtime, he loves nothing more than spending lazy Saturdays watching movies at home with his two sons Isaac and Shilo and beautiful wife, Angela.

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