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Love Week Comes To Essex County Through Random Acts Of Kindness

On Wednesday, November 1st, a group of volunteers brought love to Essex County in a unique way…by performing DOZENS of random acts of kindness for neighbors throughout the community! 

Our incredible team of volunteers spent the evening generously spreading the love by giving away practical grocery store gift cards to help lighten the burden of weekly grocery costs. One volunteer even left handwritten notes of encouragement in hidden places as a way to unexpectedly brighten a neighbor’s day.

How can you show a neighbor a random act of kindness this week? We hope our epic Love Week outreach inspires you to continue to serve our neighbors-in-need and spread the love Christ to the people in your life!
Thanks To You, We’re One Day Closer To Reaching Our Goal To Give Away 10,000 Hours Of Service In Communities Across New Jersey!
Use the hashtag #LiquidLoveWeek on social media
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