Liquid Parents Devotional – Day 18

Wednesday, June 24

Letting go… is hard! Yesterday was high school graduation day in our home. Not too long ago I read here a devotional about our lack of preparation to document the “lasts” in our lives and in our kids’ lives. I knew this one was coming (and my wife has all the photos to prove it). Still, I was not ready for yet another signal that my little girl just isn’t my little girl anymore… It is like the world is conspiring to remind me that parenting is a constant, protracted exercise in letting go, (I’m sure someone has said this before me…). Sure, the tripod was there, the cameras were ready, but my heart ached again as I considered additional proof that my daughter needs me less today than she did yesterday and even less than the day before that. 

I remember coming home from the hospital with her. I remember sleeping through the night, (not that she was a great sleeper, she simply never took to the bottle so I slept through the night). I watched her go from a helpless baby to a determined little girl that would not speak to her teacher if she didn’t want to, to a 3rd grader who showed care and compassion for her classmates, to a fiery little soccer player often underestimated by others because of her size, (until the ball started to roll), to a young lady that is fiercely protective of her brothers. I look back and can’t help but realize that I am at the end of my time here with her. 

It is time for one more handoff. How many of those do I have left? I have no clue. What I do know is that as much as my heart aches with a mix of sadness and excitement for what lies ahead for her, I’m handing her off to a love and a plan that is greater than mine. Because she was never really meant to be MINE. My part in the plan was to introduce her to and help her get to know whose she really is. The plan is that there will be several people who influence and impact her life. There will be other voices that will speak God’s truth to her. I am extremely grateful to the voices that have spoken into her life this far and for the ones that will come beside her in the future and continue speaking the truth to her.

“I have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.” (1 Cor. 3:6)

So for now, I just have to trust the plan and keep letting go… One remaining handoff at a time.

Written by:

Alex Soares, Guest Writer

Alex is a dad to 3 teenagers and the husband of Suzi Soares (Family & Special Needs Pastor). He grew up as a pastor’s kid in Brazil and came to the US to study violin performance in college. After becoming a dad, he changed his definition of success to “having those who know you best respect you the most” since it’s easy to impress people from a distance. He also holds the distinguished honor of having volunteered in every Liquid Family volunteer role (*wink, wink*).

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