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Say “Yes” To Rediscovering Christmas!

Liquid Church
Nov 24, 2019

What does it mean to take part in the Advent Conspiracy? It’s saying “no” to the old way of doing things and “yes” to a fuller, richer Christmas.

There isn’t a formula or strict set of rules. Advent Conspiracy is about reorienting our hearts back to Christ. It’s about letting go of traditions that actually take our focus away from God during Christmas. Things like overstuffed schedules, credit card debt, stress and dread have replaced the hope and peace the angels speak of.

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests. – Luke 2:14

Joining the Advent Conspiracy is making the declaration to celebrate Christmas in a radical, God honoring way. The four tenets of Advent Conspiracy are simple but life changing: Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love All.

We Worship Fully because Christmas is about Jesus. If we forget this foundational truth, everything else falls apart. Let our actions and our words come from a place of worship. We Spend Less because we know mindless consumption is not the way to celebrate our Savior. By spending a little less on ourselves we are able to joyfully give to others in need. We Give More of ourselves because this is the way of Jesus. God gave us his Son and now it is our turn to reflect that same selflessness to the world. We share our time, talents, and presence with the people we love. We Love All because we have been loved first. We believe that the poor and hurting of our world can be reached by God through the way we choose to celebrate Christmas.

If this feels overwhelming… just start small. Commit to making one significant change this Christmas and ask God to help you in that process.

Need some ideas on how to live a little differently in this season and show the love of Jesus to others? Check-out the unique Advent Calendar we handed out in-service today… with 25 ideas like:

  1. Write 10 Things You’re Thankful For
  2. Collect Cans To Donate To A Food Pantry
  3. Sing O Holy Night
  4. Surprise Your Neighbors With Christmas Carols
  5. Babysit For A Friend In Need Of Rest