APRIL 2nd HS Experience “The Talk” Part 1

Bottom Line: You are more than enough. God can redeem and restore anything you have ruined. God is on a relentless pursuit for our heart and He will use ANYTHING to get to us.

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 4:23, John 10:10

Discussion Questions // Life Group

1) What did you think of the talk? Clue: Emphasis here on this is what it means to have freedom in Christ, when we are not afraid to talk about our struggles. God is not a God of Shame, He is the God of Grace.

2) How many of your parents had the awkward talk with you?

3) Was there any part of someone’s story that you connected with?


– Do you feel like you have ever lived in two worlds?

– Do you believe that God can redeem and restore anything you have ruined?


– “We were sexual before we were sinful.” How do you think that relates to what God thinks about His design for sex?

– Ladies: Are you crazy about a guy who is crazy about Jesus first? Guys: What do you think about this statement, “I hope you will be the type of guy whose banner over her is love?”


– In your friend circles, is pornography as rampant as the statistics that Scott shared?

– If you feel open enough to share, is it a struggle for you? Can we help keep you accountable?

4) What was God speaking to you during the response time?