April 9TH Life Group “The Talk” Part 2

Bottom Line: Do you want the father or just what the father has?

Scripture Reference: Luke 15:11 – 31, Focus verses – Luke 15:17-20

Discussion Questions // Life Group

INTRO – Start group time by asking student’s how their week has been. What have been the highs and the lows?

1) Watch the video – https://vimeo.com/210981103 Password: orange

2) Ask students what they thought about the video. What do they think about Pastor Scott’s story and some helpful hints on saying no to sex?

3) Ask students if they have a plan in place when they approach a tough situation like being tempted by or having sex?

4) Do you have some to keep you accountable in this area of your life? (Tip: Share you own story on accountability and how you grew closer to God through it)

5) What do you think about the prodigal son and the story? Who do you most relate to…the prodigal son…or the prodigal son’s brother?

6) Do you want what the father has, or the father himself?

7) What do you think about the phrase, “God is better at forgiving than we are at sinning?” Tip: Express to kids that of course God grieves when we sin or stray from him, but that he is a loving God how offers grace first and then truth….That God loves using broken people for His purposes.

PRAY – Wrap up and pray for the students….encourage them to personally decide, put a plan in place, and offer to keep them accountable or encourage them to find someone to keep them accountable in this area.