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Ever Kid Matters At Every Phase In Their Lives!

A phase is a timeframe in kids’ lives when we can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. That means the whining toddler, the dramatic fifth grader, and the stressed-out tenth grader are not just “going through a phase” that should be wished away; rather, they are transitioning through critical periods that we are called to discover, celebrate, and navigate strategically with them.

It’s Just a Phase presents a challenge to treat every kid who breathes like they are made in the image of God. When we keep acting like every kid and teenager has the potential …

  • to believe, imagine, and love
  • to care, relate, and trust
  • to reason, improve, and lead

… it can change

How you organize what you do every week. How kids see themselves. But, more importantly, it can change how every kid sees God, and that could change every kid’s future!

Infographic with Information about Childhood Phases