Dangerous Prayers Part 3 (Participant’s Guide)


Have you ever experienced a heartbreak? If you are able to, share it with the group.           


We’ll be wrapping up our series DANGEROUS PRAYERS with the message “Break my Heart.” In today’s discussion, we’ll be taking a look at the book of Nehemiah to see how this simple prayer led to a miracle. In the same way, if you accept God’s invitation to pray this dangerous prayer, it will lead you to be a part of God doing the miraculous in our lives.

[1]     Why do we intentionally avoid asking for pain in our prayer? 

Read Nehemiah 1: 1-4; Nehemiah 2:1-5. Nehemiah was an exile from Jerusalem. He lived in Persia (modern-day Iran) and worked a risky job as the king’s food tester. He made sure that nothing the king ate or drank was poisoned, which he did through tasting the king’s food personally. One of his friends returned from his hometown only to discover that it was destroyed.

[2]     How would you have felt if one of your favorite places in -in the world was destroyed? 

Pastor Kayra taught us that “God’s greatest blessing comes from God’s greatest breaking.” 

[3]     What does Pastor Kayra’s statement mean to you? 

Pastor Kayra shared that God breaks your heart so you can rebuild your world. We may associate breaking with destructive. However, there is another way of understanding being broken. Pastor Charles Stanley defines brokenness as “Brokenness is what God uses to replace our self-life with his desires and intents for us.” He uses the example of a horse being broken. When a horse is unbroken, it has so much strength that is out of control, but after a horse is broken and is able to have a rider, all that strength can be focused on the rider. If God is the rider, we are the horse in need of being broken so that we can rebuild the world He’s placed us in.

[4]     Why do you think God has to break us before He can use us? 

[5]     Currently, what are some things that break your heart?

Pastor Kayra taught us that it is better to HURT with a PURPOSE than to exist without one.   

[6]     How can identifying our pain or anger also be the key to unlocking our purpose? How do our experiences transform a Holy Pain and Holy Burden for God’s glory? 


Go around your group and ask people to share their burdens. Have your group members share their prayer requests in the chat. Have the group leader assign prayer requests, and take turns praying over your assigned prayer request. 


You can spread Hope Faster than Covid19! Check out our website to find ways you can help:  https://www.liquidchurch.com/relief. Encourage your group to sign up for ways that they can serve those in your community that has been hit hardest by the Coronavirus.  We know so many of you have already been hard at work and doing great things in your community. Thank you! You are what makes our Church so special.  Go to the website and share some of the ways you have been helping with this hashtag: #SERVESMALLNJ

Look for specific needs in your community and campus that you can meet. 


 Select at least one activity below to complete during the next week. 

 Personal Action:           With your group, share what it is that breaks your heart and find one practical next step to do next.

 Mentoring:          See if there are those that you know that are experiencing brokenness for the same thing as you and ask for help.  

Conversation:      Make time to connect with a friend to talk about what it is that is breaking your heart. Let them help you make a plan on what to do next.  

Memorization:     Psalm 18: 34:

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted

And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Pray:             Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.

 Study:        What in your world is broken? How does God want you to rebuild it?