Oil Change Part 1 (Participant’s Guide)


What does the changeover to September look like for you? What do the changes to your schedules, hobbies, or activities look like during this time? What are you most looking forward to?


[1] We missed you, and we missed meeting together! As we are entering into the Fall, what are some of the challenges and struggles that you are encountering in your life or observing in the lives of others?

[2] Read Matthew 25: 1-13. This parable is the first of a series of parables that Jesus is telling about the end of days. Discuss this passage within your group.  

[3] How do you respond to Jesus’ return? Does it excite you? Does it cause you anxiety? Why does Jesus use a wedding as an analogy for his return?  Share with your group. 

[4] What does it mean to ‘fall asleep” in this parable? Where have you fallen asleep and are in need to be awoken?

[5] In the story, we see that the lamp represents God’s Word and the oil His Spirit. How do you think God’s Word and His Holy Spirit work together? 

Theologian and writer RT Kendall says, “In the church today, there’s been a Silent Divorce between the Word & the Spirit. When there’s a divorce, sometimes the children stay with the Mother. Sometimes they stay with the Father.” Some Christians say that the problem is that we aren’t grounded in Scripture enough. The other side says we need more power and revelation for His name to be made known. 

[6] In the spectrum between the Word and the Spirit, where do you naturally gravitate? How can you make sure that you are firm in both the Word and the Spirit? 

Today it is common to navigate through incorrect information that sometimes is counted as factual. There are many conspiracy theories as well. As a culture, we’ve lost trust in institutions and authority figures. It can be easy to want to grasp on some new revelation or hidden conspiracy to explain everything away. However, God sometimes may not tell us what things are the way they are in the moment. Instead, He calls us to trust and obey Him and to persevere.

[7] How can God’s Word give us the confidence we need to combat false truth and misinformation?

[8] Read the following Scriptures. How do they help us discern the truth?


Based on your discussion above. Where are you in need of prayer? Remember that part of our Spiritual growth is sharing our burdens with one another. Take a moment to share your prayer requests to have the spiritual support you need to live for Jesus throughout the week.


Select at least one activity below to complete during the next week. 

Personal Action: Carve out 30 minutes in your week to journal this question: Where have I fallen asleep?  

Mentoring: Christians are called to live with the expectation that Jesus is coming back at any moment. Are there older Christians in your life that you can ask how they have been able to live with that expectation on a regular basis.

Conversation:  Make time this week to talk with a trusted friend to share where you’ve been asleep and to help you wake up.

Memorization: Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” – Psalm 119:105

Pray: Lord, wake me up from my slumber so that I can live in expectation for you.

Study: Read Why I’m Still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit by Jack Deere. Or learn and practice Lectio Devina this week.