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Homelessness has spiked in New Jersey – more families, teens, and veterans are finding themselves without shelter and security. It’s not enough to sympathize – we must take action!

On Saturday, May 4th Liquid Church is sleeping out to raise awareness and life-giving resources for our friends living on the streets. We’ll provide the cardboard and hot soup – you step away from social media and modern comforts and sleep outside for a cause.

For each person who sleeps out overnight in our cardboard city, Liquid will donate $30 to the ministry of New York City Relief, celebrating its 30th Anniversary of transforming lives by providing hope, resources, and customized care to those struggling with homelessness.

Liquid Church will sleep outside on Saturday, May 4th starting at 6pm. We’ll conclude with a breakfast and special service on Sunday, May 5th. The event wraps at 8am! We’re sleeping outside in two locations and all participants must register in advance.

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Multiply Your Impact

We want to challenge you to not only sleep outside with us on May 4th… but to INVITE OTHERS to join you! The more people that participate – the greater the donation Liquid Church will make to the life-changing ministry of New York City Relief.

checkboxYou sleep outside = $30 donation
checkboxYou gather your family of 4 to participate = $120 donation
checkboxYou bring your Liquid small group of 10 to participate = $300 donation
checkboxYou invite the entire neighborhood = $1,000+ donation

Each $30 donation provides someone on the streets with:

4 servings of food & drink, 2 hygiene kits, and 1 metro card

To ensure the safety of our guests – all participants must register in advance, and as a part of the registration process, complete a background check. That’s why each individual participant must fill out their own registration form. Homeless Church is a Family Event recommended for ages 13+ and older. Additionally, parents must complete a consent form for any children under 18 who participate. Anyone under 18 who participates must have a parent or guardian present at the event and the guardian’s name and contact information MUST be provided on the registration form. Click the button below to get started!


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