About New York City Relief

Founded in 1989, New York City Relief has mobilized thousands of volunteers to compassionately serve those struggling with homelessness by providing hope & resources that lead towards life transformation.

We are a mobile outreach to the homeless and we consistently go to the same five locations, eight times a week. We create an intentional space that is welcoming and dignifying — where everyone belongs and help can always be found

We Have Two Outreach Models

Our Relief Buses are mobile care centers where we serve homemade soup & bread, distribute hygiene kits, host Life Care Visits, and pray for the needs of our friends on the street. By setting up tables and chairs on the sidewalk, we create an intentional space that welcomes our guests and invites conversation over a shared meal.

In 2017, we launched a new outreach model called the Relief Co-Op. This is a partnership with other nonprofits providing direct services. With this model, we go to locations where the homeless population is already congregating. We hold Life Care Visits while guests wait for immediate services.

Ultimately, Life Care Visits are why we do what we do. In these 1-on-1 meetings, our team creates individualized action plans. We provide hope — by listening, encouraging and praying with our friends who are struggling — and then we provide resources — by connecting guests to emergency shelters, job programs, detox or drug rehabilitation.

The road back from homelessness can be long and difficult, but we walk with our clients each step of the way on their journey toward a life transformed. Because homelessness is a struggle and not a life sentence!

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