Information Technology Director

Big Win: A servant leader who ensures that Liquid Church’s IT infrastructure is both maintained and enhanced in order to facilitate the goals and values of Liquid Church.

The IT Director serves under the Executive Pastor on the Ground War Team. The IT Director is responsible for the overall planning, organization, and execution of IT functions within Liquid Church. This includes overseeing IT staff and volunteers, architecting the overall IT strategy, ensuring robust reliability, and becoming hands-on as-needed. A full time position, the schedule is generally Monday-Friday for a total of 40 hours per week.


  • Analyze Business Needs and Develop Technical Solutions
    • Discuss with Liquid’s various staff and users significant business needs, then develop and implement appropriate technological solutions.
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Management
    • In collaboration with the Systems Administrator, the IT Director is responsible for architecting and maintaining Liquid’s infrastructure, including the rolling out of new campuses and offices.
    • Systems Infrastructure – servers, data storage, switches, security gateways, structured cabling, wireless access, point to multi-point broadcasting, etc.
    • Software Systems – productivity, web, security, data analysis, relationship management, creative, financial, etc.
    • Data Management – develop and maintain systems to effectively use data to enhance church systems and strategy.
    • Employee / Public Facing Systems – workstations, laptops, kiosks, printers, copiers, etc.
    • Telecommunications Systems – POTS, VoIP, PBX, Internet Circuits, etc.
    • Building Systems – In coordination with the Facilities Department, the IT Director provides technical guidance in the selection and maintenance of building systems including BAC, physical intrusion detection, FAS, CCTV, and IoT.
    • Web Presence – Design, provision, install, monitor, and manage web presence across multiple web properties in coordination with IT Staff, other Departments, third party vendors, and contracted developers.
    • Security – In conjunction with the IT Systems Administrator, create and maintain policies and practices, and implement systems and software that ensure Liquid has robust standards that minimize risk.
  • Hire, Train, Manage IT Staff and Volunteers
    • Work with HR in the hiring of new IT Staff.
    • Create and maintain training materials for IT Staff / Volunteers.
    • Assist IT Staff / Volunteers in accomplishing their assigned objectives.
    • Provide training sessions to the staff and volunteers.
  • Budgeting & Purchasing
    • In coordination with other Departments, determine the needs of Liquid for the upcoming year and create an annual budget in coordination with the Finance Department.
    • Manage vendor relationships, purchase appropriate equipment, software, and services.


  • Education – Bachelors in Information Technology, Computer Science, or commensurate experience.
  • Experience – 3-5 years experience managing a rapidly growing, multi-location organization.
  • Experience and ability to interact as-needed with server and network systems, telecommunications, multi-location networks, security, and so on.
  • Able to learn and adapt quickly and proactive in learning new technologies
  • Project Management – ability to see through major projects and meet weekly deadlines.
  • Organization – ability to juggle multiple responsibilities at once; manage information; and develop ongoing systems
  • Communication – Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Relational Ability – Has integrity and personal character and work well with Staff and volunteers of varying personality types. Being able to positively interact with multiple types of people in a variety of settings will be a key ingredient of success.
  • Excellence – maintain a high level of excellence and quality in personal interactions with Staff and Volunteers.


A staff member is to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid and lead in the following areas:

  • Liquid’s strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect, and Contribute.
    • Come and invite your friends to worship at Liquid on Sundays,
    • Connect in a Small Group,
    • Contribute by Giving and Serving.

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