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Campus Manager

Somerset County
Full Time

Big Win: A servant leader who partners with the Campus Pastor, leading the Campus Team and encouraging people to take next steps in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Campus Manager serves under the Campus Pastor on the Campus team.  A full-time position, the schedule generally includes Sunday services, Tuesday meetings at our central office in Parsippany, and additional time during the week for a total of 40 hours.  This position is Exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


Sunday Experience (when applicable)

  • Connect with individuals before, during and after services
  • Baptisms
  • Dream Team Expos and Gatherings
  • Co-Hosting
  • Huddles
  • Environment setup
  • Prayer

Campus Leadership (Staff and Volunteer Leaders)

  • Promote a culture of Recruit, Retain, Reward
  • Leadership development (focus on Volunteer Coordinator Roles)
  • Management
  • Spiritual support


  • Recruit - Identify/approach interested individuals to grow the campus Dream Teams.
  • Retain - Regular communication (through email, text, huddles and team meetings) with volunteer staff who lead campus teams; help maintain the schedule, foster community within and provide spiritual care to leaders and  team members. Provide ongoing training and multiply/replicate leaders at the campus.
  • Reward - Appreciate and celebrate team members regularly.

Accountable for the following campus systems:

  • Assimilation
  • Baptism
  • Hospitality (Guest Connections, Volunteer Care, Next Steps, Cafe & Parking)
  • Outreach (40% of time) - Community Engagement and Local Partnerships
  • Facilities (Partner with this central role, no direct reporting)
  • Security 
  • Social Media

Social Media

  • Recruit, Retain, Reward Social Media Coordinator
    • Equip and support building this team
  • Development engagement with Campus Community via social media channels
  • Manage weekly content such as (but not limited to) the following: Campus announcements, campaigns, recognition, etc.


  • Education - Bachelor’s Degree Required (or currently studying the last year)
  • Experience - 1 year of successful leadership at Liquid (group leader, mentor, service team leader, volunteer staff member)
  • Spiritual Maturity - A person who regularly practices learning God's Word, allowing God to renew their mind, and being obedient to what they learn.
  • Tech Savvy - Ability to learn new and changing technology with ease, proficiency in Google applications preferred
  • Communication - Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Confidentiality - Ability to maintain discretion when necessary
  • Organization - Able to handle multiple responsibilities at once and organize detailed information; able to stay cool under pressure
  • Relational Ability - A “people” person who works well with staff and volunteers of varying personality types.