Think you’re a huge Star Wars fan? Channel the force within you and find out if you’re a true “Jedi Knight” by taking our quiz!

Then, share your results with your friends on social media to invite them to join us for “Parsippany Movie Night” on Friday, August 17th hosted by Liquid Church. We’ll have a 40 foot movie screen setup on our massive front lawn and we’re inviting the ENTIRE community to catch a free showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We’ll even provide FREE popcorn & lemonade!

Get Started By Taking The Quiz Below!

Young Anakin Skywalker pod-raced in the _____.

What color lasers do TIE Fighters shoot?

Who did Leia kiss first?

Han Solo obtained the rank of _______ during the Galactic Civil War.

How old was Padme when she became queen?

How many forms of communication is C-3PO fluent in?

How tall is Chewbacca?

Han Solo’s trusty blaster is a:

Fill in the blank: Darth Vader cuts off Luke’s ________.

Which of these last names does Leia NOT have a family connection to?