EaSter Services Online

The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to share God’s love in real, tangible ways by providing for our neighbors. That’s why we’re celebrating what God did this Spring and Summer: To date, Liquid Church provided over 610,000 crucial supplies of emergency relief food and supplies to over 70,000 neighbors across 15+ NJ communities!

While Liquid Church’s Emergency Relief Kit distribution ended in July, there are many other ways we can support you during this crisis. We want you to know that our church is here to help and we’ll continue to work to meet the needs of our neighbors..

If you need help
We first want to say that we see you and we care about you. Our church has a heart to come alongside you and offer our support. Click “Get Help” below to see the services we offer and how you can get in touch with us.

If you can give help
We first want to say thank you! There are a few ways you can assist your neighbors-in-need across New Jersey. Click “Give Help” below to see how you can serve with us.