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Hurting Families Relief Fund.

Together, We’ll Get Through This

The floodwaters of Hurricane Ida devastated many parts of New Jersey with catastrophic flooding. Many families lost homes, cars, and suffered traumatic loss. Liquid has a heart to help our hurting neighbors rebuild their lives. Will you help?

If you need help - we first want to say that we see you and we care about you. Our church has a heart to come alongside you in this difficult time and offer our support. Click “Get Help” below to see how you can get in touch with us.

If you can give help - we first want to say thank you! There are a few ways you can assist your neighbors-in-need across New Jersey. All donations to the Hurting Families Relief Fund are 100% tax deductible and will go directly to help families impacted by flooding from Hurricane Ida. Your gifts & financial support are vital to our relief efforts and will help deliver God’s love to our hurting neighbors! 

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