In Rwanda, we met 11-year-old Margarita as she was fetching water for her family. The pond was contaminated – murky water full of bugs, scum, and shared by the village animals. Like other women and children in Rwanda, Margarita sacrificed her education, health, and well-being for that dirty water. Five times a day, Margarita carried a 40 pound jerry can a long way uphill to her family farm. It’s a walk she made thousands of times.

By God’s grace, it’s a walk Liquid Church was able to end! SATUR8TE provided a new protected water source for Margarita’s family and surrounding communities.

Through our partnership with Living Water International, we will fund a new WASH (Water Access, Sanitation, Hygiene) program area to help transform the lives of rural Rwandans like Margarita.