Each week guests from more than 60 countries attend our Liquid Church Online services! When they log on, we have a team of volunteers ready to greet them, pray for them, and help them get connected to our church community.

Dream Team Coach: These are the men and women that run our LIVE services every week. They support, encourage, and help our Church Online Live Chat Hosts to make every guest feel welcomed and cared for. This is a leadership role where you will be responsible for caring for guests and volunteers. This will require some experience serving in Church Online prior to the application process. Click Here to sign up to be a Dream Team Coach.

Prayer Host: Be on the front lines of our Church Online team by praying with our guests as part of Liquid’s Spiritual Care Team! Respond to our online attendees, who submit prayer requests during the chat for prayer and encouragement. Click Here to sign up to be a Prayer Host.

Church Online Live Chat Host: If you like chatting online and can make guests feel comfortable when visiting a new place, then you’re ready to be a Church Online Live Chat Host. You’ll be trained to welcome people from around the world during our interactive live chat services and help them connect further with Liquid Church. Click Here to sign up to be a Live Chat Host.