At Liquid, we celebrate together as lives are transformed by God’s love and grace. That’s why we share our stories – stories of struggles overcome, dreams achieved and lives transformed. If you have a compelling story you’d like to share of God at work in your life, email us, and we’ll see if we can capture it.

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    Jannet's Story
    Jannet’s husband was severely beaten, but by the power of God’s grace, she finds strength to forgive his attacker.
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    Tony's Story
    Tony took a risk with his finances. He decided to give back to God when his profits were razor thin, and was blown away with God’s response.
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    Groups: Reggie's Story
    Reggie loves to serve the Lord in and around the community. Being new to the east coast, he sees how God opens doors for him and his family.
    Community, Life Groups
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    Dan & Danielle's Story
    First, Dan and Danielle miscarried, then struggled to conceive. When they did conceive their son was born with cancer. Find out how they held onto their faith through their difficulties.
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    Davila Family Story
    For Andy, a young boy with down syndrome, compassion can be difficult to find; however, find out how the Davila family quickly felt at home when coming to Liquid Church for the first time.
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    Steve's Story
    Steve undergoes a life transformation when coming to Christ. He was able to turn away from a 15 year addiction to hard drugs.
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    Laura's Story
    Laura felt out of place when coming to Liquid, she felt God saw her sin of undergoing an abortion as ‘not good enough’ for church.
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    Tracy's Story
    Tracy suffered from fibromyalgia for over a decade. She agreed to received healing prayer and was stunned by the results.
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    Allen's Story
    Allen went from physical and spiritual death to life when a massive heart attack almost took his life.