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Host A Watch Party For At The Movies!

Watch Parties are a unique opportunity to invite new friends and neighbors from your community to experience Liquid Church Online. What better time to start a watch party than during our annual At The Movies series? Whether you host on Facebook Live, in your backyard, driveway or living room, we encourage you to check out the best-practices for watch parties below to make the most of your experience!

1. Prayer

Don’t skip this step!

Prayer is our first step, not our last resort. Take some time to pray for yourself, your watch party, and the people you want to invite.

2. People

We all have a circle of neighbors and friends we can invite to Church Online!

• If meeting in-person, Watch Parties should always follow local CDC guidelines when it comes to social distancing and the allowable size of your gathering.
• A watch party is so much more than a gathering of friends from church. Our At The Movies series is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors who might not be comfortable with a more “traditional” church service to check out Liquid for the first time. You never know… This series could be the first of many they check out – so don’t be afraid to invite even the most reluctant friends and family in your life!
• Are kids attending? Visit for new Liquid Family content every week to help the younger members of your Watch Party develop a faith that sticks. 

3. Place

Prep your environment for the party!

• Choose your meeting space. It may be a virtual Watch Party via Facebook, or it could be an in-person Watch Party that takes place in your driveway, on your deck, or your living room with a handful of friends and family. Wherever you may meet, make it a casual and comfortable place to gather.

4. Pre-Party Checklist

It’s almost go-time!

• Check your internet connection to make sure it’s ready to go for the party!
• If hosting an in-person Watch Party, communicate with your Group to let them know if they should bring their own chairs.

How To Host A Facebook Watch Party