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5 Great Ways To Celebrate This Mother’s Day

Liquid Church
Apr 29, 2021

Here at Liquid Church, we know moms are awesome and they deserve a lot of credit: Especially after a year like 2020. The best way to honor your mom is to show her love every day - but Mother's Day is a special time to really show her you care. After all the challenges parents have faced this year, they don't just want flowers and chocolate or breakfast in bed. These things are nice - but the truth is, moms are tired. Many are feeling mom burnout.

If you don't know what to do for Mother's Day to make this year feel special, we want to help you honor and appreciate the women you love. Below, we've compiled five gift ideas that can help you really make mom's day as you celebrate this Mother's Day.


After a year of working from home, doing virtual school, and managing the stresses of family life in a pandemic, what mom really needs is a break. So, give mom the day off. That means no need for constant nagging to get some chores done. No need for mom to cook dinner. No siblings arguing with each other. No carting kids to soccer or dance practice. Truthfully, the best gift you could give the moms in your life this year may simply be some dedicated time to relax. So, be intentional. After all, mothers nurture, guide and pray over us every day. The least we can do is dedicate a day to celebrate the ways moms support us all year long!


If you have a wife or sister with young kids that you want to help celebrate, a great way to treat her is to gift her some alone time. For instance, dad could take the kids to the zoo or a park so mom can take some time at home to relax and read a new book. Heck, she can even take a nap! Or, plan for childcare at home and send mom out, if she's comfortable, to enjoy a spa day. Treat her to getting her nails and hair done or a well-deserved massage. A spa day can feel really special...especially since she can leave the house without carting toddlers around!


Another creative way to show mom you see all that she does for your family would be to create Mother's Day coupons. You can hand craft a coupon book full of personal favors that mom can use at any time. For instance, a coupon for vacuuming the rugs, one for giving the dog a bath, a free car wash, taking care of the dishes... you get the idea. Break out different colored papers, markers and stickers to turn this into a craft project with young kids. Plus, you can personalize your coupon book by adding in favors that you know the mom in your family would really appreciate.


Our next idea may be a common one, but with a twist. One downside to the common breakfast in bed on Mother's Day idea is that - after all the pancakes are made and the family is giddy with sugary goodness, there are dishes to be done. Who usually ends up doing the dishes after the special meal? Probably mom. So, this year, go the extra mile: Cook a special meal AND clean up the kitchen afterwards to really give mom the treat she deserves. Not confident in your cooking skills? Not a problem! You could always order from mom's favorite local restaurant - as long as you still leave the kitchen sparklingly clean!


Last, but certainly not least, give mom the the gift of quality family time. We know, this may seem contrary to Idea #2 - but stay with us! After a year isolating a home together, you may think that the last thing mom wants is to spend more time together. But, think about it: How much of the time you spend as a family is actually quality? Over the past year, many families have spend tons of quantity time stuck at home, but while doing different things. Many families actually spend very little quality, intentional time together. So, instead of all doing your own thing under the same roof, come together to watch a movie. Play board games together, go for a hike at a nearby park, or grab ice cream downtown. The point here is to actually make family memories together and break out of your normal, weekly routines.


We hope these Mother's Day gift ideas help you show appreciation to the women you love this Mother's Day. One bonus way you can celebrate this year is to invite your family to Mother's Day at Liquid Church! We have a special online service planned for our honored guests. So, invite your momma - and all the women in your life - to join us as we celebrate them this Mother's Day Weekend, May 8th & 9th. For service times and additional information, visit LiquidChurch.com.


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