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At The Movies: Ted Lasso

Liquid Church
Aug 6, 2021

Nothing moves the human spirit like the stories we see on our screens!  But is there a spiritual point to what we watch? This August, Liquid Church will be exploring the truths behind Hollywood's greatest movies and TV shows. Take the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso. In the show, main character Ted Lasso is an American football coach who takes on a new role with the English Premier League - which means now, he’s coaching soccer, and he knows nothing about it. Throughout the show, Ted responds to all his critics, enemies and even his own team in a way that echoes the humility and compassion of Christ. In the face of opposition, Ted is kind, compassionate, forgiving, and truly cares for the team he coaches. 


As soon as the series starts, you immediately get a feel for the world that Ted is entering into. Everyone is plotted against his success and there is division all over the team and it's ownership. While the team, the fans, and even the owner of the team think Ted is a joke, He doesn’t let the criticism offend him. In fact, when trying to encourage a teammate who was facing criticism for missing a play, Ted told his teammate to be like a goldfish. Why? Because goldfish have a 10 second memory. Basically, Ted Lasso told him to move on from the offense as if it didn't even happen. Little did the player know it at the time, but this became Ted's life mantra. At every corner where Ted Lasso was mocked or criticized, he forgave and forgot the offense.


Now, you may be wondering: If it was so easy for Ted's character to forgive and forget, why is so hard for so many of us to forget the offenses of others? The truth is that Satan, the enemy of your souls, would love for you to remain offended. Why? Because then, you’ll never actually become effective in sharing God’s love and the hope of Christ with the world. You see, there are many parallels between Ted's world and our world. People can be harsh sometimes. But, the world we live in is also in desperate need of Gods's love, His acceptance, and the hope that we, as Christians, have in Christ.

So, don't let a culture that holds on to offenses keep you from living out your God-given purpose. As Christ followers, we are called to go to the people in our lives and be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16). A city on a hill that shines its light on all those around it. We are called to step into the world and be the hands and feet of Jesus - proclaiming the good news that Jesus himself forgave our offenses on the Cross.

When you live like Christ did - forgiving others and showing kindness in the face of criticism - you'll face critics. When Ted acted in this way, his critics interpreted kindness as weakness. Yet, when we know and truly believe that God, in his graciousness and compassion, sent his son Jesus into the world to teach humanity how to live at peace with one another and with Him, then we know we've received the greatest gift. And because of that gift of forgiveness you've received from God, you can stand firm in faith to give others the gift of forgiveness, too.


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