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Calming The Storm

Liquid Church
Mar 31, 2019

This week, we're continuing our God of Miracles series by taking a trip to the Sea of Galilee. Here, Jesus challenged his disciples to stretch their faith by Calming The Storm they faced on the water. See, Jesus' first followers were ordinary young fishermen, which shows us His heart: He doesn't call the qualified... but He qualifies those who are called by Him to change the world!

When Jesus' went out on the Sea of Galilee with his disciples in Mark 4:35-41, verse 37 shows us that the disciples got hit with a terrible storm during their travels! Likewise, ordinary people like you and me get hit with sudden storms from time to time, and these storms can rock our faith. One common storm we face in our journeys is an unexpected crisis.

#1) Unexpected Crisis

An unexpected crisis is a "rogue wave" that seems to hit out of nowhere - maybe it's something unfolding in your family or a situation at work that's been building and now threatens to wash you out. What are some unexpected crisis' that you have faced? Have these waves rocked your faith? Or, sometimes storms come in the form of overwhelming circumstances.

#2) Overwhelming Circumstances

The thing about waves is, they keep coming and coming... one after the next. You get hit with one wave of bad news, and find yourself bracing for what's next. Like the disciples in the boat when the storm hit, these storms strike fear in our hearts. We could even end up questioning whether God cares.

However, when you face the storms of overwhelming circumstances, you have a choice between FAITH and FEAR. When Jesus wakes up on the boat, he is not surprised by the sudden storm that hits. See, faith and fear are two sides of the same coin. Fear occurs when you believe that what hasn't happened yet will come true. Faith has the same definition, if you think about it! But, when you choose faith in the face of the storms of life, you can trust that God will provide exactly what you need - despite whatever loss, suffering or disappointment you face.

The truth is, TRUE FAITH is not the absence of crisis... but the PRESENCE of Christ! While the storms will come, remember... Jesus is in your boat! You can trust Him completely. He who called you is faithful... He is in complete control... and he can get you safely to the other side. So, will you put fear aside and put your faith in Jesus when you face the storms of your life?