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Finding Happiness Where You Least Expect It

Liquid Church
Apr 23, 2021

Dissatisfied with your life? Yeah, most of us have been there. But did you know God's plan for discovering happiness is often found where we least expect it? We learn all about Jesus' plan for our fulfillment in The Beatitudes. These mysterious verses, found within Jesus' most famous message, the Sermon on the Mount, reveal God’s plan for us to live a blessed, abundant life.


This week in our study of the Beatitudes, we're looking at Matthew 5:5-6. When we read that this Scripture says “Blessed are the meek", Jesus' wisdom makes us scratch our heads. That’s because, in our culture, we’re taught that meekness is weakness. However, that’s not true in Christ’s Kingdom. Meekness is actually defined as strength under control. When you're meek, you exercise self-control in the way you exhibit your strength instead of being harsh or tyrannical.

Truly, Jesus takes a different approach from our culture when he assesses strength. Our culture tells us that you get to eat what you kill and only the strong survive. But, when you can harness self-control through Christ's strength, you can live out meekness. You see, the benefit of becoming meek, according to Matthew 5:5, is that the meek will inherit the Earth. This is a big deal! You see, the whole Bible is rooted in this idea that God has chosen a people to himself and has given them a home. A home in Him. So, it's important that we cultivate meekness in our lives: So we may become the recipients of the inheritance God prepared for us.


As we continue through the Beatitudes, Matthew 5:6 builds on the verses before it about meekness and humility, stating "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." With humility, grieving and meekness, we come to realize our brokenness and the brokenness of the world around us. Out of humility and meekness, we gradually begin to desire God's best. We start to want that which is wrong in the world to be made right.


Ultimately, when you hunger and thirst for the things things God desires, something amazing happens. At some level, we all desire a bigger purpose than the often ho hum parts of our daily lives. These desires are echoes in our souls of the greater desire to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. We find our gratification when God is the one who satisfies the truest hungers of our soul.

For some of us, we've looked for happiness in the wrong places. Whether you've looked for satisfaction in your job, your spouse, your kids, your friends... At some point, these blessings all disappoint us. However, when we're satisfied in Christ, God frees us up to truly enjoy the different gifts He has placed in our lives. How? Well, as we abide in Jesus, our souls become happy because we're living in relationship with Christ. That satisfaction frees us up to enjoy life, but not hope that life is going to fulfill us, because we've already been satisfied through Jesus.

No matter where you have been or what you have done, you can find true, crazy happiness in Jesus. So, say yes to God's call on your life today by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. Only Jesus can satisfy your hungry soul.


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