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Hope Is On The Way

Liquid Church
Apr 4, 2020

I know the coronavirus pandemic has us all a bit on edge. Here in the New York and New Jersey area, the worst point of the virus may hit right around Easter weekend. That's why today, I want to talk to you about the steps we're taking and the plans we're making to prepare our church to serve people in need around our region. HOPE is on the way!

Did you know the Bible actually gives guidance about disaster planning in a time of national crisis? In Genesis 41, we find the very first account of a global disaster and emergency planning in human history! See, in this story, Joseph rose from being sold into slavery by his brothers, to becoming the second most powerful leader in Egypt. How did this happen, you ask? Pharaoh had a dream that needed interpreting, but none of his counselors could interpret it. Pharaoh's cup-bearer remembered Joseph from his time with him in prison and called on Joseph to interpret the dream. Joseph warned that the Pharaoh's dream meant the land would be prosperous for 7 years, but that time would be followed by 7 years of great famine. That's when Joseph came up for a plan to help Pharaoh prepare for what would come. They started saving from each crop, collected extra food in a storehouse, and created a stockpile of resources to care for Egyptians and their neighboring lands when the crisis hit. Isn't that incredible?!

Church, this is our Joseph moment: In the wake of the coronavirus, we have been working and planning with Convoy of Hope, a disaster relief ministry that sends supplies around the world when a crisis hits. This week, they are delivering 20,000 pounds of relief supplies to our warehouse! Thanks to your generosity, we're going to become a relief distribution hub for our region!

See, we want to take care of the hurting in our church family, in our community, and those from other neighboring church communities. We want to deliver hope to the doorsteps of the sick and hurting in this season!

We'll have a web page available this coming week where you can GIVE HELP or GET HELP - you'll hear more from us next week on that! But, in the meantime, if you're eager to give help, you can give to the COVID-19 Financial Impact Fund at LiquidChurch.com/Give. This fund will be used to help families who've been devastated by the crisis and seen a major gap in their income as a result.

Your giving is important, church - and we're grateful for the opportunity to help meet the needs of our community during this pandemic. When you give generously to our church, it's what allows us to give generously to those who desperately need help! This is our moment to shine the HOPE of Jesus Christ in a dark time. Just as it was for Joseph, this pandemic is a national emergency - and it's also our chance to JOIN JESUS ON MISSION by showing the love of Christ to our neighbors in need. How will you follow Joesph - and Jesus'- footsteps today?