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How God Can Redeem Your Dream

Liquid Church
Jan 15, 2021

Do you have a God-given dream that feels crushed? Good news - God is in the business of restoration! He can restore your dreams, just like He did for Joseph in Genesis 37-50. See, when Joseph first had his God-given dream, he was immature, brash and naïve about how his brothers would react. Last week, we learned that God-given dreams can direct our destiny and require patience with the process. Today, we’ll dive deeper into how God can redeem our dreams.


If you feel like you can relate to Joseph right now, maybe something precious in your life was taken from you: A relationship, a job, a dream of going to college or getting married. Maybe a dream of owning your own business was crushed or starting a family seems like it’ll never happen. If that’s you, then remember this: Your greatest setback is often God’s set-up for your comeback!


The thing is, when God reveals a dream for your life, it attracts Enemy attention. People close to you will criticize you or hate on your dream. In fact, that’s what happened to Joseph in Genesis. When Joseph told his brothers about his dream that one day he would rule over them, they came up with a plot to kill Joseph. However, instead of killing Joseph, his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt. At the time, Joseph had no way of knowing this was how God planned to get him to Egypt, where his dream would come true. Through this story, we see that the devil may have a plot, but God has a plan!


Next, we learn that a true God-given dream can’t just be about you - that’s a selfish dream. Joseph’s life teaches us that a God-centered dream always makes room to bless others along the way. If Joseph hadn’t been a slave, he wouldn’t have been thrown into jail, where he would be called upon to interpret dreams. Joseph used his gift to share the wisdom of God with other prisoners, ultimately helping the Pharaoh's cupbearer be restored to his position.


Years later, Pharaoh needed someone to interpret a dream, and the cupbearer remembered Joseph in prison. Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh's dream, which was a warning that a global famine was coming. So, after being thrown in the pit and enduring so much hardship along the way, Joseph was elevated to the highest seat in the land. When the famine hit, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt looking for food. This is how Joseph’s dream came true - he now ruled in power over his brothers who had sold him into slavery. However, Joseph had wisdom to see that what his brothers and the Enemy intended for evil, God intended for good. Out of the ashes of Joseph’s hardship, God redeemed his dream.


Truly, our God makes beauty out of the ashes of our broken and crushed dreams. Through all the setbacks Joseph faced, he never lost his faith. He kept trusting in God. So, if you feel like Joseph at the bottom of the pit - torn dreams and unsure if they could ever be restored - know that God’s dream for your life is valuable. Even now in the waiting, your life is a priceless work of art to God. So, trust God in the process and humbly ask Him to redeem your dream. We can take heart because Jesus is making all things new!


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