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Knives Out: Heirs To A Heavenly Inheritance

Liquid Church
Aug 21, 2020

The Scriptures teach us all truth is God's truth: So when we watch a movie and something resonates with our Spirit, that's because God is speaking to us through that film. That's why we've been loving exploring the truth behind Hollywood's biggest hits this Summer! Up next this week, as we continue our annual At The Movies series, we're contrasting the Thrombey family inheritance from Knives Out with the greater, Heavenly Inheritance we have in Christ Jesus.


In Knives Out, master detective Benoit Blanc investigates the death of the Thrombey family patriarch after a family gathering gone wrong. Throughout this dramatic mystery movie, we see the Thrombey family truly put the “fun” in dysfunction. Before his death, patriarch Harlan Thrombey indulged and enabled his family. He incidentally fueled competition for a great inheritance. See, an inheritance is something gained as a result of someone's death. Family members pass down an inheritance to their children. It can be money, property, or even heirlooms. But, here's the twist: as the family listened to the reading of Harlan's will, they found out Harlan left his entire estate to his hired help, Marta Cabrera, who had become a dear friend over the course of Harlan's life.


As children of God, we have a greater, spiritual inheritance that is passed down to us. See, Ephesians 1 in the New Testament of the Bible reveals that as Christians, we are heirs to an eternal inheritance passed down to us through Jesus Christ’s perfect life, sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection from the dead. He died to take our sins upon Himself. He rose again so that we could be forgiven of all our mistakes and failures. His goal was to put us into a right relationship with God and make us one united family bound by the blood of Christ!


Despite this incredible gift, we have to admit that sometimes we tend to treat God like the Thrombeys treated Harlan. In our prayers, we often think of what we can get from God rather than simply BEING with Him. If you've fallen into this trap, you can break out of it. How? Listen to how you pray. Are your prayers more about what you want, or submitting to what God wants?

Truly, God's blessings aren't always material, nor are they all about having prosperity and the perfect life. In Ephesians 1:3-4, we actually learn that "God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes."

This means sometimes God's plan will allow us to enter into difficult and painful situations for our own good. That's what Harlan realized when he left his estate to his dear friend Marta. Now, he knew it would be painful for his kids and grandkids to be cut off. However, it would be best for them, in the long run, to help prevent them from living selfish and broken lives.

As a member of the family of God, how do you view your Heavenly inheritance? Spend time in the presence of Jesus today. Take time to experience His love and transforming power. To know the goodness of your right relationship with God. For Christ-followers, our ultimate prize isn't just what God can do for us, but rather, it's Him and His presence in our lives. Pray to God asking Him to reveal more of Himself and His heavenly inheritance to you today!