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Pastor Kayra Montanez: Moms On A Mission

Liquid Church
May 10, 2019

This week, in celebration of Mother's Day at Liquid Church, we're hearing from Morris County Campus Pastor Kayra Montanez for a special message: Moms On A Mission! Pastor Kayra has been married to her husband Jose for 16 years, and together they are parents to 2 incredible kids: 10-year-old Gaby and 8-year-old Andy, who has Down syndrome.

Whether you're a mom or not, each of us can influence a child's life! In the Bible, we see profound cross-generational impact in the lives of a godly mom, Eunice, and a godly grandmother, Lois, and the legacy they left through the life of a little boy named Timothy. We see Timothy's story in the New Testament scriptures of 1 and 2 Timothy, written by the apostle Paul. Timothy was one of Paul's closest companions... In fact, Paul opens his letter in these Scriptures by thanking Lois and Eunice for the impact they had on Timothy's life...planting seeds of faith in little Timothy's heart that would bear incredible fruit as he grew older!

Young Timothy grow up into a mature young man and Pastor of the church of Ephesus. To Paul, Timothy represented the next generation of Christian leader living out a sincere faith that represented what a life fully devoted to God looks like up-close and personal.

Similar to the 3 representations of seed-sowing in Lois, Eunice, and Timothy's family, I have experienced the blessings of generational seed-sowing in my own family. I look back fondly on the times my Grandma Carmen planted seeds of faith and generosity into my heart– seeds that guide me in my faith today! See, there comes a point in life when adults mature and realize there is something much more rewarding in this life than plowing our own field and building up our own fruit through success and significance… and that’s growing fruit on someone else’s tree.


What does growing fruit on someone else’s tree look like? It’s about planting seeds…watering them…patiently waiting…and watching God grow them to maturity. It’s about leaving a legacy in the lives of generations! In 1 Corinthians 3:6, the apostle Paul speaks of the recipe for organic spiritual growth: “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.”

See, Lois and Eunice had no idea that Timothy would have the influence he did on the early church…just like my Grandma Carmen had no idea I would be a Pastor today! Gardening requires watering and waiting, and we must do the same as we sow spiritual seeds into the lives of children, teens, and young adults in whose lives we influence.

The thing is, watering and waiting requires great patience – and like any concerned momma, I sometimes wonder of my own children: “Is that boy gonna bloom? Is that girl gonna grow?” We’re conditioned to have things our way, right away… and it’s easy to find myself growing impatient with my kids. So, today, I want to remind you that regardless of whether you find yourself waiting in spare moments or seemingly endless days, waiting is no waste in God’s economy.

As we learn to wait while God grows the children in our lives, we learn to be like our Heavenly Father. He isn’t impatient with our lack of development, and he doesn’t linger on our mistakes. When it comes to spiritual growth, remember: Gardening is your job, but growth is God’s!

Church, we have an important job to do today: A sacred calling! We have seeds to sow in the next generation. How will you plant seeds, water them, and wait on God to grow fruit in the lives of those you are influencing? Waiting on God patiently in the process is one of the holiest things you can do – so, surrender to Him as you sow seeds of faith today!