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Taking Action Towards A God-Given Goal

Liquid Church
Jun 11, 2021

Do you have a God-given goal in your heart, but struggle to know when or how to take action towards it? As we continue our Renovate series, we're learning from an ordinary guy with extraordinary faith: Nehemiah. God gave Nehemiah a burden on his heart, and he took action by rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 short days! Like Nehemiah, God may be calling you to take action towards something this Summer. What is he asking you to stand up and do courageously?


Whether you're looking to discover God's blueprint for your family, your world, your career, or something else, we can all be inspired by Nehemiah's faith in action. He wasn’t a powerful man in his day - but he didn’t need to be the best. Rather, like Nehemiah, we just need to care the most to pursue the goals He gives us.

One thing that's very encouraging, if you feel inadequate, is that God regularly uses ordinary, broken people to accomplish his work! Even though Nehemiah didn't have a powerful position, he did have powerful passion. So, if God has placed a burden on your heart that honors Him, no matter where you stand, He can use your passion and your life in magnificent ways.


Now, before you jump into taking action towards your goal, you should know that these things often take time to come to fruition. In Nehemiah 2, we learn that Nehemiah actually kept his burden to himself for four months before appealing to the King. He wasn't just shy or fearful, but waited for the right opportunity to make his request to the king. Now, we know Nehemiah is not alone when it comes to waiting. In the Old Testament we learn that Abraham waited 25 years for God to fulfill a promise to give him a son. The Israelites waited 400 years in Egypt to be freed from slavery, and then 40 more years in the desert to rebuild their nation in the promised land.

Maybe you can personally relate to the stress of waiting. You've been waiting on God to free a loved one from the grasp of addiction. You've been waiting for your kid to give their life to Jesus, and that heart renovation hasn't started yet. Perhaps you are waiting to start a new business after a difficult year. We know waiting is hard because it reveals our impatience! The book of Galatians actually shows us that patience is a fruit of God's spirit that He wants to develop in all of His children... especially those who have a God-given goal to pursue! So, in the waiting, take heart that God will use this time to grow you and prepare you.


Last and certainly not least, if God has given you a goal to pursue, start planning now! When Nehemiah finally made his request to the King in Nehemiah 2, he knew exactly what he was going to need from the King to get the job done. He was a man with a plan! Nehemiah 1 also shows us that in Nehemiah's waiting season, He fasted and prayed to God about the burden on his heart. This is such a great example for us! Nehemiah balances prayer and planning - inviting God into the process to reach his goal. Likewise, we encourage you to invite God into your journey and start planning how you'll take steps to reach your goal.

As you go about this week, we pray that you will see God at work as you take action for His Kingdom purposes. As you courageously act on the burden He has placed in you, remember that God has the power to help you complete it!


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