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The Fasting Edge

Liquid Church
Jan 11, 2019

Ever feel like you have just lost your spiritual edge? If we're honest, often we can go through the motions of life like a lumberjack swinging a dull axe. Likewise, a lot Christians can become dull spiritually... That's why as we continue our First Things First series this week, I want to encourage you to sharpen your axe - or your spirit - by discovering The Fasting Edge.


God actually gave us the story of a man who lost his edge in the Old Testament of the Bible in 2 Kings 6:1-7. In the scripture, Elisha the prophet taught a group of students how they could be used for God. As Elisha and his group worked on building a bigger meeting place for their lessons, the iron head of an axe flew off and into the mucky waters of the Jordan River... and just like that, Elisha lost his edge.


Have you ever lost your passion for God like how Elisha lost the edge of his axe? Over the next 21 days, we are united together during a church-wide FAST to RECOVER and RECLAIM our spiritual edge. See, fasting is an ancient spiritual discipline where we give up something physical - typically food - to gain a deeper, more powerful connection with God. As we seek to get our edge back in this season, here are 3 steps you can take to sharpen your spirit this January:

1) Admit You Lost Your Edge

You cannot get your edge back without admitting that your edge has dulled. Our FAST is a time for you to be honest with God. If your passion is low and you feel overwhelmed at the start of the year, you're in the best place to admit your dullness, become dependent on God, and embrace his touch on your life! Next, the second step is to:

2) Ask God To Help You Reclaim it

The Scripture in 2 Kings 6 actually shows us that Elisha threw a stick into the water where his axe head fell, and God made it miraculously float to the top of the water. See, with God's help, Elisha got his edge back!

Similarly, God has a part for you to play as he makes miracles happen. We commit ourselves to fasting in the NATURAL while God works in the SUPERNATURAL. Then, the 3rd and final step is to:

3) Focus Your Fast

Is there a specific situation or person God is leading you to fast for this January? I encourage you to choose a specific focus for your fast for the next 21 days and TRUST GOD with the outcome! While breakthrough may not come for weeks or even months, we believe we will hear amazing stories of the many ways that God has worked in us and through us in this season of faithfulness to him!