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The Real World Is Hard

Liquid Church
Aug 20, 2023

This week's edition of At The Movies highlights the much-talked-about film "Barbie," directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie, gains widespread attention for its exploration of power, gender, and mortality across platforms like search engines and podcasts. The movie's dual narrative contrasts Barbie Land's perfect matriarchy with Real World complexities, sparking societal norm contemplation. Echoing Genesis 2, the film delves into identity and purpose through spiritual themes, reflecting humanity's design for harmony.


In Genesis, Adam and Eve's choice to eat from the Tree of Knowledge leads to awareness of imperfection and separation from God. This choice introduces suffering, paralleling Barbie's departure from her plastic paradise to the Real World. Choosing knowledge entails growth and challenges, mirroring the human spiritual journey.

Barbie's journey parallels the human experience of living between two gardens: the paradise of Eden and the future's promised restoration. The Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus grapples with surrender before His crucifixion, provides a blueprint for navigating suffering. Similarly, we're encouraged to surrender our ideals of perfection and trust in God's greater plan. This journey embodies faith and anticipation.


Jesus' Garden of Gethsemane prayer embodies surrender to God's will. Despite sorrow, He prays in Matthew 26:39, "Yet not as I will, but as you will." This submission models how to confront struggles. Similarly, Barbie faces disappointment in choosing the Real World, and surrendering amidst suffering leads to a deeper grasp of God's goodness. Consider this: What do you need to let go of and surrender to Jesus in the garden?

Barbie's journey culminates in a choice: remain in paradise or embrace the imperfect Real World. This mirrors our choice to cling to our version of perfection or embrace God's good plan. While God's goodness might differ from our desires, yielding to His will fosters growth, purpose, and a more prosperous relationship. Life is between two gardens; we can relinquish expectations and trust God.


While addressing patriarchy and feminism, Ken's struggle revolves around purpose, feeling defined solely by Barbie. This struggle resonates with both genders. Society often implies that a partner is needed for a purpose. Ken's realization of needing validation from Barbie reflects real-life validation-seeking. 

Culture may prioritize forming partnerships before discovering a common purpose. But Genesis 2:15 reveals that man's purpose precedes partnership. Culture suggests that singleness is a waiting period, but Adam had a purpose before a partner. God assigned him work before a woman. God's purpose always comes before the person! 


Barbie's realization that the Real World contains flaws mirrors real experiences. We understand wanting a lasting marriage, a perfect family, or good health amidst divorce, infertility, and illness. This faith journey involves acknowledging weaknesses, facing disappointment, and embracing hope for future restoration. Just as Barbie learns purpose in an imperfect world, we can find significance in God's purpose.

"Barbie" mirrors our spiritual journey, from Eden's perfection to hopeful restoration. Like Jesus in Gethsemane, Barbie's journey teaches surrender and trust in God's plan. Struggles within different life situations provide chances to strengthen our bond with God and accept our flaws. Revelation 22:3-5 reminds us that God steers us through difficulties, ultimately leading to healing and renewal. His constant aim is to draw us back to Him!


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