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What Happens When You Pray Bold Prayers?

Liquid Church
Jul 17, 2020

In part 2 of our Dangerous Prayers series at Liquid Church, Pastor Nithin Thompson taught us how to pray "make me bold" like the apostles Peter and John in Acts 4-5. See, the truth is, if you’re ready to see God work in your life, praying safe prayers won’t cut it. It’s time to be fearless in our prayer lives. But what happens when you pray bold prayers?


Peter and John's courageous prayers in Acts 4 led them on a faith-filled journey that, ultimately, helped lead to our faith in Jesus Christ today. When pressured by authorities to stop preaching their message, Peter and John didn’t shrink back in fear. Instead, they prayed to God asking them, “Make me bold.” Like Peter and John, when you ask God to make you bold, you ask God to push you out of what is convenient. To take action and speak up. To question the status quo and become an agent of change! We learn from Peter and John's journey that, when we ask God to make us bold, we can actually expect to experience 3 marks of boldness.


First, boldness almost always triggers opposition. Your bold faith may lead to people laughing at you, criticizing you or misunderstanding you. Living for Jesus may mean that you stay home on a Saturday night instead of partying with your friends so you can live without shame or regret. However, your bold prayers may also mean that you have a reputation for being a person of integrity, a person of peace that people know they can rely on and go to for help. Have you ever experienced opposition for your obedience to God? Or, when God prompts you to take a step of boldness, do you ignore it because you're afraid of what may happen?


Next up, when you ask God "Make me bold," you should know that boldness often releases the miraculous. When Peter and John faced opposition for their bold faith in Acts 4, they were criticized for healing a man who could not walk. Even in the face of opposition, God provided a miraculous way out of being jailed and killed for these apostles. The thing is, we don't even need to be shocked when God makes miracles happen - it's in His nature! When you walk with Jesus in obedience, it really does release the miraculous power of God.


Last, but certainly not least, boldness always requires faith. When you pray, "make me bold," God's Holy Spirit will likely prompt you to do or say something that will take faith. You have no idea what God will set in motion through one bold act of obedience! See, the apostles Peter and John suffered and eventually died for their faith, but their obedience in the first century also led to why you and I now have relationships with Jesus. Their boldness led to the Church spreading like wildfire all over the world - all because they prayed "Make me bold!"

How could your life - and the lives of others - be transformed if you asked God, ‘Make Me Bold’? Can you imagine what God would do in and through your life? Take a bold step today to walk with Jesus and invite Him to lead you in steps of boldness in your life!


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