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Liquid Church

Morris County

Welcome Home!

Homecoming is a time of celebration and welcoming back friends and family. Our Morris County location is currently open, and we’re thrilled to invite you to attend our Sunday Services. While you’re here, check out our Calendar Of Events and join us. Let’s shake off the isolation of pandemic life and bring the church family back together!  

Morris County: Calendar Of Events

We are excited for all that our Homecoming season holds! Check out upcoming events and outreaches and RSVP to join us. We are hopeful for all 2021 holds!

*Disclaimer: If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. With that said, dates and details are subject to change! #GraceWins

Campus Staff

How can I serve or pray for you?

Kayra Montanez
Originally from Puerto Rico, Kayra relocated to New Jersey in 2012 to secure the best care for her son, Andy, who has Down syndrome. Seeing Liquid’s passion to serve those with Special Needs, Kayra and her husband Jose decided to make Liquid their church home. Kayra quickly became an integral part of the Liquid family – she started as a volunteer and today not only leads Liquid’s largest location as Campus Pastor, but is a part of Liquid’s Senior Leadership and Teaching Team. Kayra has a background in law and worked as an attorney for nearly a decade!

Can I help you join a Small Group?

Sharon Chiang
Groups Coordinator

Discover amazing programs for Kids!

Julissa Rodriguez
Liquid Family Director

Get your Student involved!

Kimberly Suchy
High School Coordinator

Receive prayer or seek spiritual care.

Cuyler Black
Spiritual Care Pastor