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Liquid Church

Union County Garwood

Welcome Home!

Homecoming is a time of celebration and welcoming back friends and family. Our Union County Garwood location is currently open, and we’re thrilled to invite you to attend our Sunday Services. Liquid Family is available during the second service. Let’s shake off the isolation of pandemic life and bring the church family back together!

Campus Staff

How can I serve or pray for you?

Zarida Brokenborough
Zarida is passionate about loving people and God’s transformation of their lives. Her background includes several chapters of working in finance and banking. Zarida has also been privileged to work to transform the lives of battered women and homeless persons. Zarida has served in a variety of roles at Liquid including that of an Associate Pastor and Campus Manager. She has two daughters, nieces and nephews. Zarida loves the Jersey Shore, biking and hiking.

Get connected & take your next step!

Robert Price
Campus Manager

Discover amazing programs for Kids!

Tara Buelva-Banez
Family Coordinator

Connect about High School & College programs.

Gary Casaletto
Youth Pastor - Central Region