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Liquid Church

Union County Mountainside

Welcome Home!

Homecoming is a time of celebration and welcoming back friends and family. Our Union County Mountainside location is currently open, and we’re thrilled to invite you to attend our Sunday Services. While you’re here, check out our Calendar Of Events and join us. Let’s shake off the isolation of pandemic life and bring the church family back together!  

Union County Mountainside: Calendar Of Events

We are excited for all that our Homecoming season holds! Check out upcoming events and outreaches and RSVP to join us. We are hopeful for all 2021 holds!

*Disclaimer: If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. With that said, dates and details are subject to change! #GraceWins

Campus Staff

How can I serve or pray for you?

Denise Barone
Union County Mountainside Campus Pastor
Denise grew up in and currently lives in Union County and believes in the power of the local church. It brings her great joy to connect with people and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Denise started attending Liquid Mountainside when the campus launched in 2013. It immediately felt like home to her, her husband Chris and their two daughters Olivia and Grace. Denise is currently pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies and Organizational management at Nyack College.

Discover amazing programs for Kids!

Vicki Kimler
New Family Coordinator

Get your Student involved!

Nick Freitag
High School Coordinator