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The Story I’m Telling Myself

Tim Lucas
Feb 19, 2023

Your brain is a story-telling machine. When you feel hurt, mad, or disappointed by someone, what is the story you tell yourself?

Exodus 20:16, Matthew 7:1-5

Message Series

EQ: Emotionally Intelligent Relationships

In a world where relationships are the new currency… we rely on emotions like we rely on data. Emotions help us understand what we’re feeling and what other people are experiencing, and even what some of their motivations may be. If you lack EQ, your relationships will be handicapped! In this series, we’ll learn 3 practical relationship skills every person needs to develop emotional intelligence, including: Taking Your Temperature, Clarifying Expectations, and the Art of Clean Fighting! This February, join us for EQ: Emotional Intelligent Relationships and learn how to love people in a language they understand.

Messages in this series